Who the f#%^ do we target?

Who the f$#^ do we target?

Today, we are continuing the journey of AppCrafter Studios, who are a fictional B2B app development company.

They do $15 million in revenue but have been stuck at this number for 2 years now.

They had issues with branding in Episode 1 of this season which were solved.

CEO Sarah now wants to know how they should approach targeting, who should they go after, and why? Where should Sarah be targeting?

Some of the specifics this episode will cover include:

– Why targeting is important?

– Targeting Definitions: What above the line means? What below the lines mean? And what through the line means?

– The attributes and advantages of different targeting models, such as STP, Sophisticated Mass Marketing, and Two Speed Targeting.

– The difference between distinctiveness and differentiation and why it matters?

– And many examples and stories to illustrate all these concepts!



4:00 Conceptually, how should someone think about tracking metrics in a marketing and sales department?

6:30 How should you use studies and science to assist your marketing and sales measurements?

9:20 When should you cut a metric from a report?

13:00 Why the funnel is such a flawed concept.

16:30 The first category of measurement

25:00 The second category of measurement

26:30 The third category of measurement

34:00 The fourth category of measurement


This episode was co-hosted by Jack Ferguson and Alex Urquhart

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