What marketing and sales metrics should we track?

What marketing and sales metrics should we track?

CEO: What Marketing and Sales metrics should I be tracking?

Today, we are continuing the journey of AppCrafter Studios, who are a fictional B2B app development company. They do $15 million in revenue but have been stuck at this number for 2 years now.They had issues with branding in Episode 1 of this season which were solved, but now CEO Sarah wants to know what metrics she should be measuring to evaluate the effectiveness of her marketing and sales teams. 

So what should Sarah measure?

If you’re a GM or CEO who is having issues with marketing and sales measurements, or more likely Marketing AND Sales measurements, this is the perfect episode for you.

We discuss what should be measured, the exact metrics, and why. 

Some of the specifics this episode will cover include:

– How to use science and studies in your sales and marketing measurements.

– The four categories of measurement within the sales and marketing departments.

– A mental framework for thinking about the measurements you make

– A buying process and a selling process and why it is important to differentiate between the two.

– Why the funnel is so flawed

– How to bring more predictability to your marketing and sales functions

– What is share of search and how can it help measure awareness?

– How qualitative data makes you more money

This episode is co-hosted by Jack Ferguson and Alex Urquhart

4:00 Conceptually, how should someone think about tracking metrics in a marketing and sales department?

6:30 How should you use studies and science to assist your marketing and sales measurements?

9:20 When should you cut a metric from a report?

13:00 Why the funnel is such a flawed concept.

16:30 The first category of measurement

25:00 The second category of measurement

26:30 The third category of measurement

34:00 The fourth category of measurement

This episode was co-hosted by Jack Ferguson and Alex Urquhart

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