Interview with Toby Jenkins

Toby Jenkins

Toby Jenkins on Negative Visualisation, Seeking Discomfort in Partnerships, and his experience as an Olympian.

This episode features Toby Jenkins; Olympian, and CEO of Bluewire Media

In this episode we talk about how Toby and his co-founder Adam dramatically changed the direction of their already established business and how they decided on a new direction.

We also speak about the challenges Toby has faced with partnerships throughout his life and what he has learned is essential to that success.

Of particular interest is a concept Toby discussed called ‘Negative Visualisation’, not a well known concept but a powerful one.

Other notable topics include the stress of writing a book, Toby’s experience as an Olympian and we all should implement 90 day checkins.

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Show Notes:

06:54 What did you do in the Olympics?

08:03 How did you go in the Olympics?

08:30 What type of discipline did it take to get to the Olympics?

12:15 When did you start Bluewire Media?

15:25 What did the first few months of starting a business look like?

17:30 How did you bring yourself to Doorknock?

18:20 Why did you get involved in Marketing?

19:45 Did you assume Marketing was easier than what it actually is?

21:35 Have you had some tough experiences in your business?

30:30 When you changed business models were your new clients more grateful for your work?

35:00 Did making hard decisions force you to grow?

37:45 Should everyone get a mentor?

45:00 Can you talk about your philosophy on partnerships?

46:30 Can you talk to me about how your own partnerships worked?

50:15 You were under duress at the Olympics when you competed, how did you get through it?

57:45 What is your relationship with Self Doubt?

Resources and Companies Mentioned:

Bluewire Media’s Web Marketing Template

Stoic Philosophy

Art of War

Queensland Academy of Sport

Negative Visualisation

People Mentioned:

Adam Franklin

Tim Ferriss

Seth Godin

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