Interview with Tim Walmsley

Tim Walmsley

Selling your house to bet it all on a Startup, earning no revenue for 6 months, and lessons learned from 2 deployments in the army with Tim Walmsley.

Today’s guest is Bench On CEO and Founder Tim Walmsley

Tim takes us through his story of dropping out of university, working in nightclubs, before becoming a member of the armed forces for 14 years.

We talk about the discipline Tim learned during his time in the army and his experiences during his 2 deployments to the Middle East.

Many of his learnings in the army have been directly applicable to business.

We talk about how Tim sold his house to bring Bench On to life and the process of giving up an enjoyable, high paying job to pursue his dream.

This discussion is full of wisdom as Tim gives us a warts and all run down of what his first couple of years looked like running Bench On.

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You can find Bench On at:


Phone: 13000 Bench

Show Notes:

04:15 What are companies doing with staff when there isn’t projects for them to work on?

07:00 What were you like as a teenager?

08:15 What course were you doing at University?

10:20 How did you rationalise dropping out of university when you did so well in school?

15:00 What was the next step in your career?

18:35 What was it like to get into the army when your girlfriend didn’t?

19:20 What are you like taking direction?

24:20 What was the first month in the army like?

26:45 How does the army break you down?

32:20 Do you ever have any fun in the army?

34:00 Tell us about how you were going down the wrong track prior to the army?

37:30 Did you get deployed somewhere while being part of the army?

42:35 What were the key lessons you took out of your time in the army?

44:40 When you think about the toughest time in your career, what comes to mind?

48:00 How did you justify selling your house and risking everything to build your business?

53:50 Why did you and your partner plan for the worst?

1:07:20 How do you build an open culture?

1:12:20 Who is Bench On for?

Resources, and Companies Mentioned:

Shooters Nightclub


People Mentioned:

Sebastien Eckersley Maslin

Tim Ferriss

Katie Walmsley

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