Interview with Tanya Williams

Tanya Williams on Tradigital Marketing, conquering Self Doubt and the role your Digital Footprint plays in your Career.

This episode features COE (Chief of Everything) at Digital Conversations, Tanya Williams.

We explore her expertise in tradigital marketing and how businesses need to approach this in the current business climate.

You can find Tanya at:

Digital Conversations

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Show Notes:

01:00 Tanya’s Personal Mantra

02:00 What is a Tradigital Strategist?

03:30 How do you define Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing?

05:20 How do you know if you should be doing Traditional or Digital Marketing?

08:30 Is Marketing really that hard?

12:40 Why does a business need to continuously market itself even in the good times?

20:00 Do we underestimate ourselves too often?

21:20 What Tanya learned from the interviews in her book.

24:00 How do you interpret marketing data?

29:30 Quick wins for Google Analytics

32:30 Tanya’s business journey

34:30 What is your relationship with self doubt?

39:20 Can you afford to be vulnerable as a business owner?

43:20 Ways to think about money when in business vs when you are an employee.

49:50 How your personal Social Media accounts can affect employability

55:40 Why job candidtaes are now in a place of power due to digital transformation.

People Mentioned:

Janine Allis

Phillip Di Bella

Gerry Harvey

Kelly Jamieson

Resource Links:

Google Analytics

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