Interview with Steve Baxter

Steve Baxter on Shark Tank, The NBN and the state of Entrepreneurship.

This episode features Steve Baxter. Steve is an investor on Shark Tank Australia, founder of River City Labs and CEO of Transition Level Investments.

In this episode we cover Steve’s early life, his time in the army, what it is like to exit a company, the NBN, working for Google and of course, Shark Tank Australia.

It is always a privilege to talk to someone as knowledgeable as Steve. I had a great time recording it.

You can find Steve at:

Steve’s Personal Website

Shark Tank Australia

Transition Level Investments

River City Labs

Steve’s Social Media Links:


Show Notes:

02:00 What encouraged you to join the army at 15?

03:00 Did you get a sense of discipline from your time with the army?

04:25 Was it scary to start your first business?

07:05 Why is it so important to have a Tech person in your internal team when building a technology company?

11:00 What is it like to actually exit a company?

13:55 Do you think it is a valid mentality to start a company aiming for a sale?

17:00 Can you tell us about your time working with Google?

18:30 Have you been consulted about the NBN?

21:00 Do you have any challenges with self doubt still?

23:20 Is the degree of difficulty higher for early stage company investing compared to other investing alternatives?

25:15 How has life changed since Shark Tank?

28:30 What has it been like diversifying your investments into the retail space?

32:00 Do you romanticise entrepreneurship too much?

35:05 Do you have to be a good leader to be a good entrepreneur?

Resources and Companies Mentioned:


Common Gateway Interface



Steve’s ‘If Innovation Really Counts’ Article








The E Myth

People Mentioned:

Bill Gates

Stephen Conroy

Marc Andreesen

Michael Gerber

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