Interview with Sharon Hunneybell

Teaching Entrepreneurship to Children, Juggling 3 Major Roles, and when Public Speaking Goes Wrong with Sharon Hunneybell.

We have many conversations about the failings of the formal education system on this podcast. Sharon Hunneybell is someone who did something about this.

Startup Apprentice was created to introduce entrepreneurial concepts to children in school to help them think differently.

On this episode we talk about some of the difficulties Sharon saw kids having and how providing them with an entrepreneurial outlet led to some life changing discoveries.

Sharon shares some of her own stories around the familiar imposter syndrome, and her evolving self esteem over her career.

We even hear a story about how Sharon went blank on stage, and the world didn’t fall in 😉

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Show Notes:

03:15 Can you tell us about how Startup Apprentice began?

08:20 Does Startup Apprentice work best for kids who are disillusioned with schools?

16:00 How do you manage working in 3 major roles at once?

21:05 How do you manage your time?

23:40 Has the Gold Coast been a fractured startup ecosystem in the past?

26:15 What are the things you think of when you think about tough times in your career?

30:30 How long did it take you to cure your imposter syndrome?

35:05 How do you deal with work/life balance?

44:25 Can you tell us about your ability to break down complex processes?

46:20 Do you consider yourself a leader?

People Mentioned:

Aaron Birkby

Sam Winter

Tim Ferriss

Danny Maher

Resources and Companies Mentioned:

Startup Weekend

Smith Family Organisation

Gold Coast City Council

Telstra Business Awards

Bond University

The Four Hour Work Week


Silicon Lakes

Health and Knowledge Precinct

Imposter Syndrome

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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