Interview with Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith

A near death experience, manifesting your own redundancy, and a year of no buying with Rachel Smith.

Today’s guest is Rachel Smith of and author of Underspent: How I broke my shopping addiction & buying habit without dramatically changing my life

On today’s episode we cover a range of topics including Rachel’s near death experience while scuba diving in the UK.

We discuss Rachel’s year of non buying and what that has done for her personal finances.

Rachel also introduced me to a concept of manifesting your own redundancy.

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You can find Underspent at:


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Show Notes:

04:40 What is the smart city task force?

05:30 What are some of the challenges we are having with our cities in Australia?

07:20 What if Australian cities don’t become smart cities? What will that look like in ten years for Australia?

08:15 Where did your career start?

14:45 How would you define real leadership?

16:20 What was your second job?

17:05 What attracted you to planning work?

19:10 Did you have any concept of Lean Startup principles when you started your second job?

20:15 If someone was to ask you about the tough times you have had in your career, what comes to mind?

23:30 In what way is Australia and the UK different?

24:00 WHat was your first month like living in Brisbane?

25:55 Could you tell us about the incident you had as a scuba diver?

37:15 Mentally, what was it like being in a decompression chamber for 14 hours a day?

42:00 What other challenges did you have when coming to live in Australia?

49:00 Are most people living week to week?

53:00 Tell us about your year of non spending.

58:35 What were your rules when not buying anything for a year?

1:00:45 What do you think are the main problems people have with personal finance?

1:03:20 What do you think of budgets?

1:11:35 Is there any reason why you don’t automate your finances?

1:15:55 Why do people not want to know how much money they are spending?

1:19:55 What is the first step for people when trying to take control of their finances?

1:26:15 How do you deal with the shame around talking about money?

Resources, and Companies Mentioned:

Guardian Newspaper

Smart Lighting

Smart City

Electric Car Charging Point

Lean Startup Principles

Dry Suits

Survivor Syndrome


Hand to Mouth

Sharing Economy


Parkinson’s Law

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