Interview with Philip Sheen

Philip Sheen on Mental Health in Business, the Evolution of the Music Industry, and the Art of Storytelling.

This episode features Philip Sheen; Founder of Sheen Media, Self Portrait, and Gig VR.

In this episode we talk about Phil’s experience with Anxiety and Depression as he endured the inevitable dips we all face at some point in our careers.

We speak about the future of the music industry and live performances, and the role Phil’s Startup Gig VR is going to play in a fast changing musical landscape.

Of particular interest is how Phil is readjusting to Startup Life after running a semi-traditional company for so long.

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Show Notes:

03:03 When did you start your company?

03:18 Why Marketing?

04:58 Why do you think we feel pressure to go to University?

07:48 What was your first job in Marketing?

08:48 Were you naturally comfortable talking to people on the street when working in Street Press?

12:23 What made you want to start your own business?

14:43 Have you got strategies in place to ensure you get paid by clients?

16:58 Can you tell us about the tough times you went through in your business career?

21:23 Do you sometimes wonder how many people in the Small Business and Entrepreneurial Space are affected by Anxiety and Depression?

25:53 How do we balance reality with optimism when talking to people about starting a business?

28:50 What was your approach to anxious moments?

35:20 How did you learn communication skills?

38:05 How do you tell a story?

42:45 What other projects are you working on at the moment?

51:25 What are you learning from resilience from founding a Startup after a long time in an established business?

54:45 What is your relationship like with self doubt?

Resources and Companies Mentioned:

Scene Magazine

The Untethered Soul

The Zoo Brisbane

Area 7


People Mentioned:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Mark Zuckerberg

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