Interview with Paul Davies

Paul Davies on B2B Sales Tactics.

This episode features Paul Davies. Established Sales Specialist with over 15 years experience selling services.

Paul isn’t your stereotypical sales guy and in this episode he was able to break down how he goes about approaching new organisations without being pushy or ‘salesy.’

If you want some sales advice and would like to avoid the Hard Sell, then this episode is for you.

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You can find more details on how to construct the Sales Letter Paul speaks about in the Podcast at:

How to Draft your Sales Letter to break into a new organisation

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Show Notes:

03:15 Have you always worked in Sales?

04:00 Has Sales changed over your career?

07:00 Were you able to do high pressure selling?

08:30 Will you promise a lot when meeting a prospect?

11:45 How do you get the first meeting with a prospect?

19:00 What terms are important to use when talking to a prospect?

26:30 At what point in the sales process should you expect rejection?

28:40 How hard is it to draft that sales letter?

31:00 How do you get optimal cut through?

33:50 Does pounding the pavement still work in this day and age?

35:15 Do have any struggles with sales still?

39:00 How do you think about your sales process?

43:20 Do you breakdown the sales process into phases?

46:25 Paul’s Doorknocking Story

59:00 Any other good sales tips?

61:45 How do you find the real reason why someone is rejecting you?

74:10 How would your strategy change if the organisation you were targeting was smaller?

Resources Mentioned:

The Lean Startup

How to Draft your Sales Letter to break into a new organisation

To Sell Is Human

People Mentioned:

Daniel Pink

Joeri Timmermans

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