Interview with Paul Bennetts

Paul Bennetts on making Superannuation interesting, why Ideas are underrated, and how he partnered with High Profile Investors.

This episode features Paul Bennetts; CEO of Spaceship.

In this episode we talk about how Paul managed to engage younger generations around Superannuation.

We speak about how being a founder not only can change your social life, but in fact can change the way you interact socially as well.

Paul talks about partnering with high profile investors, the Tall Poppy syndrome, and why he likes to read alternate sources of information to other founders.

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Show Notes:

06:00 How did you make Superannuation interesting?

09:30 Why do you read alternative literature to other founders?

12:30 Do you think there should be more war stories shared in the Startup Space?

22:00 Do you believe ideas are valuable?

24:10 Did you feel you didn’t fit into other parts of life as well as the corporate environment?

25:30 What did those first couple of weeks look like when you started Spaceship?

32:50 Our generation isn’t that engaged with Super, how did you deal with that?

48:30 Do you have any theories on how we could fix the Tall Poppy Syndrome in the Startup Ecosystem and more broadly in Australian culture?

51:35 Were you naturally able to prioritise?

53:40 Do you ever have any challenges with self doubt?

58:20 Do you think that giving up things are important to the success of Startups, or do you think disengaging at times can help give clarity?

1:02:15 How did you get such high profile investors to participate in Spaceship?

Resources and Companies Mentioned:




Campaign Monitor

Competitive Strategy

Air Tree Ventures

New Enterprise Associates


Sequoia Capital


Economic Engine


People Mentioned:

Charlie Munger

Jeff Bezos

Cameron Newman

Bill Gurley

Li Ka Shing

Brad Feld

Mike Cannon-Brookes

Jane Lu

Peter Thiel

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