‘Our startup is under board pressure to make sales. Help!’

‘Our startup is under board pressure to make sales. Help!’

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‘Our startup is under board pressure to make sales. Help!’

Getting a company off the ground is tough. This episode looks at a challenging scenario for a startup company. Their board is pressuring them to make sales. But sales aren’t happening. So what should they do?

CEO Jordan Lee is struggling to move the company forward and increase the effectiveness of his startups sales and marketing activities.

The company has 10 users who aren’t paying…….they haven’t converted a single customer yet.

The 4 employees include a product manager, sales person, marketer, and AI specialist all with unique complaints about the company’s situation.

So what should Jordan do? How can he get the company moving forward?

In this episode we cover:

– The challenges with having free users and what to do when you are under board pressure to make sales

– Why founders need to be a political campaigner

– The challenges of partnerships and why they aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be

– Discussing whether using Facebook ads to sell B2B services or products is effective

– What you should do to get more customers coming in the door early

– Some innovating things you can do as a new company to get attention and build community


1:20 What is Writrrr and what are their problems?

9:15 What should this company do to get some customers?

18:15 How can you get affiliates or partners on board for a startup

20:55 Should this company be targeting a specific vertical or should be varying their targeting further?

26:45 Would Facebook advertising be appropriate for this company?

This episode was co-hosted by Jack Ferguson and Alex Urquhart

Find Jack on LinkedIn here: Jack Ferguson: Overview | LinkedIn

Find Alex on LinkedIn here: Alex Urquhart | LinkedIn

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Visit Jack’s personal website here: Small Business Consultant Brisbane – Jack Ferguson

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