Interview with Nicholas Heaney

Nicholas Heaney on the dangers of outsourcing Tech, dealing with social stigmas and the rollercoaster of raising capital.

This episode features Nicholas Heaney, CEO and Co-Founder of Puntaa, a social betting app.

In this episode we talk about the challenges of launching a Tech Startup in the Gaming Space.

Nick talks about how he changed from a law career to the Startup Life, how difficult it is to deal with social stigmas in running a company associated with betting and some of the mistakes he made when trying to get the product developed overseas.

Nick was very open with the challenging times he had to push through and was very forthcoming with his stories outlining the specific issues Puntaa has faced!

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Show Notes:

01:30 What has your career looked like to date?

03:00 Did you do any work as a lawyer prior to getting into the Startup Scene?

05:50 Can you explain what you mean by how you wanted to be involved with the business side and not solving a core problem for a customer?

06:30 When did you start Puntaa?

10:05 How long into your degree before you realised the corporate life wasn’t for you?

11:50 What effect did being a young investor yourself have on your ability to relate to other investors when you needed them?

13:30 Can you talk us through some of the particularly tough times you had with Puntaa?

18:45 Why did you stick with the overseas developers for so long?

21:40 How did you know that you had to throw out your first product?

27:50 Did you consider that you no bank or financial provider would ever deal with you guys?

33:20 How significant was your time in the Muru-D accelerator in Puntaa’s timeline?

38:20 Had you raised money prior to joining the accelerator?

41:00 Was it hard raising money with the gaming stigma attached to your company?

45:30 How important was it that you liked your investors?

53:00 Did you consider learning to code yourself?

55:50 Who should be using Puntaa?

59:10 Do you have many challenges with self doubt?

Resources and Companies Mentioned:


Mach7 Technology






River City Labs

Stack Overflow

Altor Capital



People Mentioned:

Damon Oudejans

Jordan Oudejans

Steve Baxter

Peter Laurie

Darren Rogan

Aaron Birkby

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