Interview with Nathan Hoad

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Nathan Hoad on Coding, Internal Communication and Productivity.

Hooray, this is my first Podcast episode and I’m excited to finally be on this platform. This episode features one of my good friends and mentors who has had amazing business success over the past 5-6 years. He is one of the best tech minds in Brisbane and is my go-to man for any tech problems.

We talk about a bunch of stuff in this episode from Coding and the importance of software, all the way through to tools for productivity, Remote Work and working hard vs working smart. His company he talks about in this episode is

I’m excited to present this episode to you, so let’s bring in one of my good friends, Nathan Hoad.

You can find Nathan at:



Show Notes:

How long have you been running businesses for?

Can you talk us through some of your mistakes?

How do you deal with contracting 3rd parties?

What type of assumptions did you make before going into business?

How long would you take to contract out to a 3rd party?

Did you assume business was going to be easier than what it was prior to starting?

What do you think is the hardest aspect of business?

Do you see a massive communication problem between tech and non tech people?

How do you know what projects to take on?

When is it critical to have Inhouse Tech talent?

Do you think more people should learn how to code?

Are there places you would go to learn how to code?

Why do you choose to work Remotely?

Do interruptions cost you a lot of time?

Can you tell us what Pomodoro is?

Are you convinced that the people who claim to work 16 hours a day are productive that whole time?

How do you communicate internally?

Where do you fit on the Work Hard vs Work Smart debate?

Do you feel some professionals are pushing themselves too much?

Do you have a way to measure the quality of your work?

Why go through this pain over the years to build your own companies?

What are you currently doing outside of work?

Do you find any cross over between learning skills outside of work that helps your work?

Do you find crossing skill sets to be beneficial to your professional life?

Episode Links:



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Parkinsons Law

Chrome App with Pomodoro



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Little Nebula YouTube Channel

People Mentioned:

Jason Fried (Basecamp)

David Heinemeier Hansson

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