Interview with Mitch Hills

Mitch Hills

Mitch Hills on Starting a Business at 16, Building an App without investment and knowing when to quit.

This episode features CEO of AroundAbout App Mitch Hills.

We talk about how age is no barrier when starting a business and you are never too young to start.

You can find Mitch’s companies/projects at:

The Exceptions

Mastered Marketing

Aroundabout App

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Show Notes:

01:30 When did your entrepreneurial journey start?

02:15 Were you entrepreneurial as a teenager?

04:05 At what age did you have people working under you?

04:55 What skills came naturally to you?

07:25 Were you a good student at school?

08:35 What is the story behind making $100k by the time you were 20?

14:10 When did you start Aroundabout app?

15:40 Where did you spend your money in the first 6 months of starting your company?

18:00 Did you hold onto your business idea for longer than you care to admit?

21:20 When the app wasn’t working the way you had hoped, what did you do next?

22:35 Does a company with an app idea need in-house tech?

25:45 Do you have any uncommon business advice?

29:30 Self awareness, did you always have it?

34:20 What is your biggest dream?

37:30 What have you learned from starting your marketing company?

40:45 What are your thoughts around how a Startup should plan?

45:20 Is there any common business advice you reject?

47:15 Did you find it easy to talk to potential customers?

55:20 Do you think there is too much focus on investment in the Startup Space?

People Mentioned:

Nicholas Marchesi

Joe Fox

Tony Robbins

Seth Godin

Richard Branson

Resource Links:

Built To Sell

The Personal MBA

Nail it, Then Scale it

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