Interview with Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly on the difficulties of building a company when you‘re not a salesman, firing a rockstar employee, and the importance of iterative marketing.

This episode features Matthew Kelly, Managing Director of Just Media Design, a social first digital agency.

In this episode we talk about how Matt started a company and got his initial clients despite hating cold calling.

Matt also talks about how he had to fire an employee who was a rockstar on paper and what he learned from that experience.

Of particular interest were Matt’s stories around Iterative Marketing and how he applies the ‘Test, Measure, Repeat’ philosophy to his business and his clients campaigns.

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Just Media Design

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Show Notes:

05:55 Can we get a brief overview of your career to date?

13:25 How do you keep your job in a company that isn’t focused on financial results?

18:25 In the early days, how did you convince people to use Social as a business tool?

21:45 Have you become a salesman?

23:25 What would you say to someone who wants to start a business but hates cold calling?

29:00 Can you tell us about the really difficult times in your company?

36:05 Before doing iterative campaigns, how did marketers measure success or decide upon strategy?

40:25 Do you think that you should use Social to test creative for traditional style marketing campaigns?

42:35 You use scientific terms often, why do you like terms such as ‘hypothesis?’

49:45 Can you talk about your challenges hiring a Creative Director who was the ‘best’ in theory but not necessarily the best cultural fit?

54:10 Is it tough for you to let people go?

1:05:05 How do you re-educate the market on Social?

1:09:00 How important do you think building solid relationships is going to matter in comparison to the stereotypical sales guy/girl in future?

1:14:35 Do you think Twitter will be the first Social Media giant to fall?

1:18:55 What is your relationship like with self doubt?

1:23:25 How do you move on from your failures? Do you dwell on your mistakes?

Resources and Companies Mentioned:

Griffith University




The Monkey Inferno


Imposter Syndrome


Super Retail Group

Lean Startup



People Mentioned:

Leo Leport

Kevin Rose

Shaun Puri

Gary Vaynerchuk

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