Interview with Matt Tomlins

Matt Tomlins

Matt Tomlins on why he isn’t seeking a mentor, why he doesn’t rely on anyone else, and what it’s like to try to have someone try and kick you out of your own company.

This episode features Matt Tomlins; CEO of CoverCard.

In this episode we talk about Matt Tomlins’ negative experience with a mentor, and why he feels he doesn’t need one.

Stories that also feature include Matt’s choice between trying to make it as a professional cricketer or entering the business world, what it’s like to have someone try and take over your company, and the challenges of starting a tech company as a non-tech founder.

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Show Notes:

06:25 What is Covercard?

09:05 If you didn’t meet your Co-Founder, would you have entered the industry you are in?

16:35 Were you always meant for entrepreneurship?

12:45 Were you a good cricketer?

16:45 Do you think entrepreneurship is a smarter bet than trying to make it as a sportsperson?

18:10 Was being a non tech founder the hardest thing you have had to do in your business journey?

23:15 How did you decide that you needed to learn some basic coding skills?

28:15 Did you consider becoming a developer for your company?

29:45 Did you find getting an MBA useful?

35:55 Do you like the word ‘networking’?

37:15 Can you tell us about a different challenge you had in your business?

42:35 Do you think some people use a mentor to alleviate themselves of the hard decisions?

49:25 Have you developed any uncommon views about how business should be done?

55:15 You’re introverted, do you do the sales calls yourself?

56:25 How do you decide how you spend your time in a given week?

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Imposter Syndrome

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Justin Langer

Ian Healy

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