Interview with Mark Hocknell

Mark Hocknell

Mark Hocknell on Customer Centricity, Net Promoter Scores and Managing Your Team.

In this episode we talk to Customer Centricity expert Mark Hocknell.

We speak about the challenges Mark faced managing large teams and projects in the corporate world.

Also discussed is the benefits of understanding Net Promoter Scores, learning how to manage your team and a new take on demographics.

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[email protected]

Show Notes:

03:00 What does it mean to have a customer centric approach to business?

03:35 Is the customer always right?

05:45 What is the net promoter score?

07:10 Are detractors equal to promoters?

08:15 What are the characteristics that Net Promoters typically have?

10:25 What was your first job?

11:30 Did you have a moment that changed the way you looked at customer service?

12:30 Why do some people in sales not take the time to find out more about the customer before trying to sell a product?

17:50 What is an example of a tough time that you had to push through?

23:00 In a big company, how do you manage expectations?

29:40 What do you think of KPI’s?

37:25 Do you think it is important to set targets at some point in time?

39:40 Do you think that trust gets in the way of good management?

44:50 If a member of the team isn’t performing, how do you deal with that?

47:40 Have you got another example of a time you had to push through?

1:01:40 How important is emotional intelligence?

Resources and Companies Mentioned:

Queensland University of Technology

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Net Promoter Score

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Managing Chaos


Gary Vaynerchuk

Emotional Intelligence

People Mentioned:

Simon Sinek

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