Interview with Justin Falk

Justin Falk

A Challenging Experience on Stage, How Facing Your Fears Is Overrated, And How Enmeshment can affect your career with Jack Ferguson.

The tables have turned on this episode of the podcast. Host Jack Ferguson is now the interviewee, and Justin Falk of Talent Vine is the interviewer.

Justin managed to drag plenty of insights out of this conversation about challenging times in business including how a scarring performance in front of 2000 people still causes Jack problems with presenting in a business setting today.

You’ll learn why Jack feels that facing your fears is overrated, what he has learned from the podcast after 30 episodes, advice on whether or not he thinks you should start one and why. We also delve into the unexpected benefits of hosting and building a podcast.

Justin asks Jack about his Reality TV experience and what that taught him about focus (surprisingly), how enmeshment has made it difficult for him to conduct business in the way he knows he needs to, and why he is passionate about facing the demons that are still crippling you from your childhood.

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Show Notes:

05:50 How has 2018 been so far?

06:30 Why hadn’t you taken any time off?

09:35 What did you learn from taking time off?

18:25 Do you have flashbacks to bad on stage experiences when you present now?

26:55 Do you think people could use dating apps to overcome social fear?

31:50 How was 2017?

40:10 Is spending $2000 on a holiday a good investment?

42:05 What were some good things that happened to you last year?

44:15 How did the podcast help you last year?

46:50 How do people make money from podcasts?

48:15 Have you met great connections through the podcast?

52:30 Tell us about your reality tv experience.

55:45 Are there any common themes that you have picked up on in all your interviews with your guests?

58:05 Do people that you speak to on the podcast typically take responsibility for their results?

59:00 What was the best podcast episode?

1:10:15 What are your goals this year?

People Mentioned:

Steve Baxter

Glen Richards

Tim Ferriss

Neil Strauss

Jordan Harbinger

Resources, Companies and Bands Mentioned:

Kool Skools

Blink 182

Green Day


The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships

Thinking Of Starting A Podcast. Don’t

Tools of Titans

Trauma Test

The Social Network

River City Labs

Limp Bizkit

Brixton Academy

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