Interview with Justin Falk (2017)

Justin Falk

Justin Falk on Starting a Business in an Industry you haven’t worked in, Micro KPI’s, and rebelling against society’s expectations.

This episode features Justin Falk; Founder of Talent Vine.

In this episode we talk about how Justin started a business in an industry he had never worked in (recruiting), and how that naivety impacted the growth of his business.

We speak about rebelling against society’s expectations, and why being a good High School student could in fact hamper your development as a Business Owner.

Justin introduces me to a concept known as Micro KPI’s, we talk Sleep Apnoea and the effect that can have on one’s productivity, and also the benefits Sensory Deprivation Therapy provides professionals.

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Show Notes:

04:55 What is Talent Vine?

05:30 What made you come up with the idea?

11:35 Why is Talent Vine needed?

13:55 How was your service received in the recruiting space?

16:05 What were some of the tough times you pushed through in your career?

18:05 Why do you think it was easy to get a client in the beginning, but then struggle to get the next one?

19:35 Do you need to fail yourself, before you will listen to others?

24:50 What would you do in the first 2 weeks of business if you had your time again?

28:45 Did you ever go into meetings feigning need for advice when you were really there to sell your service?

31:25 You were a child actor. Tell us about that.

32:20 You also participated in Iron Man competitions. Were you always ambitious?

34:00 What were you like in school?

35:05 How did you change once you left school?

42:05 Do you ever have challenges with self doubt?

46:15 Can you explain the difference between a day where you meditate and one where you don’t?

47:20 Did it take time when you started meditating to feel the benefits?

52:35 You talk about sleep, it’s so important, what are your challenges with sleep?

55:35 Have you tried Sensory Deprivation Therapy?

Resources and Companies Mentioned:

Psychometric Tools

Parkinsons Law

Sleep Apnoea


Sensory Deprivation Therapy

River City Labs


Stack Overflow





People Mentioned:

Mark Phillips

Tim Ferriss

Gary Vaynerchuk

Rick Rubin

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