Interview with Joe Fox

Joe Fox

Joe Fox on Marketing Ad Spends, Branding and Managing Stress.

This episode features Joe Fox. Managing Director of Studio Culture and Social Media Marketing expert.

In this episode we cover what Joe’s early life looked like, his views on all things digital marketing from Facebook to Snapchat to Livestreaming.

If you are looking for some extra advice on Digital Marketing or Branding then this is the episode for you.

You can find Joe at:

Studio Culture Website

Studio Culture Facebook Page

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Show Notes:

03:55 When did you decide you were going to be an entrepreneur or business owner?

05:05 What were you like in school?

08:05 Did you go to university?

09:25 What is your view on formal education?

11:45 Did you get any value out of your marketing diploma?

13:35 What did you do after leaving school?

15:35 What was your first job in the digital space?

17:20 What did the landscape of Social Media Marketing look like when you got in the game?

19:15 Where do people go wrong when doing Social Media Marketing?

20:05 How do you tap into the Buyer Psyche?

22:30 Do you have to be ready for Ad Hoc content on Social Media?

25:25 Do you consider yourself a branding expert?

26:10 What is branding to you?

28:00 What should someone be asking themselves when it comes to Branding?

30:30 What was the first year in business like for you?

31:20 Are you on top of your stress now?

32:15 Are you able to switch off

33:50 How do you and your business partner resolve disputes?

37:35 Where are you seeing Marketing Ad spends going?

39:35 What is the relevance of Google Ads in this day and age?

42:00 Where do you think we are going now that we have Snapchat and Livestreaming available?

43:30 What is your opinion on podcasting?

44:20 Do you ever have challenges with self doubt?

47:40 Why is it so important for business owners to go to events?

49:50 Do you consider yourself an extrovert?

54:30 Any tips for new business owners or entrepreneurs?

56:20 Any advice for managing staff or employees?

Resources Mentioned:

One Punch Can Kill

The Go Giver



Queensland University of Technology


Google Partners


Jon Loomer

The Obstacle is the Way

BNI Australia

People Mentioned:

Matthew Dunstan

Gary Vaynerchuk

Troy Drake

Ryan Holiday

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