Interview With Toby Jenkins

Jack Ferguson and Toby Jenkins

Decoupling, Waking up at 3am, and Filling The Void with Toby Jenkins

On this episode I am fortunate to have a previous guest return for Round 2.But the impetus for this episode was a little different.

Toby Jenkins and our host Jack caught up recently. It became clear very quickly that they were in similar situations. Having both gone through big challenges in their businesses, and not really knowing what the next step is, it seemed like a great idea to talk about this on the podcast.

Usually, you see stories of overcoming hardship floating around on social media. But these stories are often told when there is a happy ending. For Toby and Jack, the happy ending for their current chapter isn’t here just yet. So if nobody else will talk about their situation when things are going poorly, why shouldn’t The Push give it a go?

We speak about:

– Decoupling
– What has been waking Toby up in the middle of the night.
– What recently happened to Jack that has him in a tailspin.
– Choosing to hit publish on vulnerable content (like this episode).
– Trying not to mentally fast forward through crappy times.
– How to do the work of defining our values and using them as our North Star.

A big thank you to Toby for being so open on this episode, it’s not easy to talk about difficult subjects publicly.

You can find Toby at:Linkedin


Show Notes:

3:00 What business are you currently involved in?

5:25 Why have you done decoupling work?

8:45 Why were you getting up at 3am?

19:00 Why cutting away is usually superior to addition.

21:25 What impacts achievement more? Personal attributes or one’s environment?

28:00 Why did you decide to post vulnerable content recently?

34:20 What questions do you ask to understand who you are?

39:00 Strategy vs Execution.

42:20 How long did you feel content after the olympics?

45:20 How did you manage identity changes when moving between careers?

50:00 What are your experiences of going all in?

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