Interview with Sarina Eggers

Jack Ferguson with Sarina Eggers

Building 3 Companies, Succeeding Young, and The Importance of Healthy Living with Sarina Eggers, Director of Business Kitz.

Today’s guest is Sarina Eggers, Director of Business Kitz and Lux Whitsundays, and Partner at Legal Kitz.In this episode we cover how Sarina went about building multiple companies and what factors positioned her to be able to do so.A non-typical childhood and upbringing, this episode involved deeply exploring Sarina’s background to help understand how she has become the person she is today.With a unique approach, it was interesting to get a feel for how Sarina has grown businesses without ego. She is happy for others to take the credit, the limelight, and makes employees feel deeply involved in the journey as her companies scale. A refreshing perspective.A very knowledgeable and insightful person with some incredible achievements, it was a privilege to have her on the podcast.You can find Sarina at:Linkedin

You can find Business Kitz at:

Business Kitz

You can find Legal Kitz at:

Legal Kitz

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Show Notes:

2:40 What are the businesses you are involved with at the moment?

4:50 How do you manage your time?

5:55 Where did you grow up?

11:40 When did you first experience culture shock?

14:50 How did you cope with moving schools and countries constantly?

17:25 When you moved around did you try to fit in or were you happy to stand out?

19:40 How did your childhood contribute to who you are today?

23:05 Did you enjoy academia at school?

25:10 When did you start thinking about your career?

27:25 Where did you go after school?

29:15 How was university for you?

31:05 How did you view working in a large law firm when you were at university?

32:30 What did you learn at our first job?

35:30 How confident were you getting jobs at a young age?

37:00 What skills did you feel you had back at the start of your career? And what skills took longer to build?

50:35 What made you change your mind on working at a Law Firm?

51:20 Can you speak about the impact working long hours had on your health?

52:40 When did you notice that your health was taking a hit?

57:40 How did you recover after you were in an ambulance?

58:55 How long until you started Business Kitz?

1:03:45 What was your first client?

1:06:30 How did you grow Business Kitz in the beginning?

1:07:55 Do you remember the first time you thought to yourself, what have I got myself in for?

1:10:00 What made you start Lux Whitsundays?

1:15:10 What made you start Legal Kitz?

1:18:20 When you make decisions do you consult others?

1:22:45 How did Covid affect you?

1:25:10 What is the vision for Business Kitz moving forward?

1:27:55 Who needs Business Kitz?

1:29:00 What advice would you give up and coming entrepreneurs?

Resources, and Companies Mentioned:

Bond University

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