Interview With Sally Prosser

Sally Prosser & Jack Ferguson

Finding your voice, going viral on TikTok, and Voquality, with Voice Coach Sally Prosser

On this episode of the podcast, our guest is Sally Prosser.

Sally is a voice coach who helps people realise their best voice and embrace public speaking with confidence. She’s a former TV news reporter, company spokesperson, and speech and drama teacher.

Sally has her own podcast called That Voice Podcast and enjoys making comedy TikToks, like reading song lyrics like a news report.

We were able to cover a lot in this episode as Sally was very open and generous with her story.

We talk about:

– How she built such a large following on TikTok and what that has done for her personally.

– How to deal with negativity when you have such a large following

– What holds people back when they aren’t utilising their voice properly and how to overcome this

– Her experience building her business and what she would say to others thinking about building their own business

– What her best experiences in business have been

– Some of the biggest challenges in her career

– And even what her biggest on-air blunder was. It’s quite a funny story.

Enjoy the episode. Sally is a great person and was a pleasure to talk to.

You can find Sally at:Linkedin

Sally’s Website:Website


Show Notes:

2:20 What made you get on TikTok?

3:45 How long does it take you to do a TikTok video?

4:45 Do you think your business is suited to the TikTok platform?

5:10 Why don’t people like their voice?

8:15 What are the reasons people don’t use their voice well?

9:50 Is there something in someone’s past that will hold someone back from using their voice properly?

11:00 Will speaking about past challenges help someone with their voice?

11:30 Have you always liked your voice?

12:50 Do you remember what motivated you to get into drama when you were young?

13:30 Can you speak about the impact your drama teacher had on you?

16:15 You talk about a very formative event when you were young?

18:30 What came after high school?

19:15 So why did you not pursue law?

19:55 What was your first job?

21:20 What made you move to Queensland?

22:00 You started another studio when you moved Queensland, how did that go?

23:20 What is your most interesting story working in radio?

25:40 How was your first job in TV?

28:15 How did you deal with approaching burnout?

31:40 Can you remember why you moved on from your job in TV?

33:50 Did you have any strange experiences with Door To Door Sales?

35:15 Do you trust your gut?

37:30 How did you get a job in Brisbane?

40:45 How is PR different from Journalism?

44:35 Why move into self-employment?

46:20 How were the first 2 months of Self Employment?

47:15 How did you grow your business so fast?

48:05 What was your experience like when you went viral on TikTok?

51:25 How have you reacted to negativity online?

53:00 How would you advise someone to deal with negativity online?

56:20 Do you think releasing content is a good way to build your confidence?

59:30 What do you start with when you teach people?

1:01:10 Can you take us through a significant experience you had in Melbourne?

1:03:30 Have you enjoyed mentoring others?

1:05:20 What are your goals looking into the future?

1:08:15 What would you say to yourself when you started your business?

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