Interview With Sala Rankine

Sala Rankine and Jack Ferguson

Surviving Covid In Hospitality, Early Business Lessons, And Knowing What Advice To Take, With Snag Studio Founder Sala Rankine

Today’s guest is Sala Rankine, Founder of Snag Studio, a specialised Hospitality Branding & Marketing agency.Sala’s story is very unique.

She started her business in the hospitality niche a month before covid started. We talk about how she approached this. Starting a business in a difficult space at a difficult time does make for intriguing listening.

We also talk about:

– How she learned to charge properly for her services.
– How important it is to get everything in writing.
– Who you should listen to for business advice.
– How Sala spoke at Linkedin at just 20 years old.
– Her experiences with bad bosses.
– How her passion for hospitality came to be.

You can find Sala at:Linkedin

Snag Studio Website:Website


Show Notes:

3:20 How has the hospitality industry been over the last couple of years?

5:40 Did you see a lot of hospitality owners getting stressed when you started out?

7:00 How did you feel about selling branding services to hospitality owners during Covid?

9:15 Why don’t hospitality businesses tend to do Brand Identity well?

11:20 Why is good food not enough to run a successful restaurant?

16:25 Why did you get into hospitality?

18:30 You started your business in hospitality just before Covid hit. How did that affect you?

20:45 Can you talk about learning how to charge properly?

23:55 What is your experience with forgetting to get everything in writing?

27:05 When did you decide you were going to be a business owner?

33:25 How did you get your first job out of University?

36:40 Have you taken a strategic approach to your career?

46:00 Did you enjoy Agency Life?

52:00 What should you have done with your emergency fund?

54:10 What would you say to the person you were when you started your business?

58:20 In your experience what has been the ratio of good advice to bad advice?

59:10 What have you done to grow your business?

1:01:45 What are your goals for the future?

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