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Nathan Smith Jack Ferguson

The 3 Year Rule, Persevering When You Want To Shut Your Business, and What Your Startup Will Do For Your Personal Growth, with Switchnode Co-Founder Nathan Smith.

Today’s guest is Nathan Smith, Co-Founder of Switchnode.Switchnode is an established telecommunications service provider based in Brisbane and have become specialists in providing phone and internet services to local business. In an industry that is renowned for treating its clients poorly, Switchnode have a focus on quality customer service and reliability.

Nathan is incredibly open about his journey so far. It is the purpose of this podcast to be honest and share real anecdotes around what happened during one’s business journey. This episode does not disappoint.

We talk about:

– The 3-year rule
– Getting attacked by another company early on in their journey.
– Crazy clients, like the one you heard about at the start.
– What he would do differently if he had his time again.
– Being held to ransom by a supplier.
– A pivot into the elevator market that didn’t quite go to plan.
– Why performing to 1000 people can be easier than speaking to 1.
– What it’s like to pitch to a high-profile investor and get roasted.

You can find Nathan at:Linkedin

Switchnode Website:Website


Show Notes:

3:40 How long has Switchnode been around for?

4:45 What was one of the most challenging aspects at the start of your business journey?

11:55 When did it dawn on you that the business wasn’t going to be easy?

13:40 How did you get more clients after you exhausted your initial network?

16:30 Can you talk about when you get attacked by an IT company?

20:50 When did you notice the first red flag with the previous company?

26:00 How did you stick with building your business when things were going wrong?

30:30 Can you share the story about how you won a grant that kept your business alive?

35:00 What made you think you needed a coach?

40:45 Can you share the story about when you had a crazy client?

52:30 What was it like to go into a new market and it didn’t turn out?

1:01:50 Do you look back on your business journey as a positive one?

1:08:20 What were you like as a teenager?

1:19:30 What could you do now that you couldn’t do 3 years ago?

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