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Starting a Company During Covid, Improving Financial Literacy in Business Owners, and Refusing To Wear Ties with Morgan Wilson, Founder of Creditte

Today’s guest is Morgan Wilson, Founder of Creditte.Morgan is an accountant and business advisor who takes the complexity out of numbers, and guides business owners through the ups and downs of running their business.

He does this so business owners can have the comfort and confidence to make the right decisions for themselves, their business, and their family. Creditte is the Accounting Firm and vehicle he uses to accomplish all of this.

Morgan started his business during Covid which makes for intriguing storytelling and we discuss exactly how that came to be.

We also talk about:

– A couple of mistakes he made early on in his business journey.
– How Monopoly sparked his fascination in business.
– His thoughts on Formal Education and how that has helped slash hindered his professional – development.
– What his first day was like as an Accountant. It was particularly challenging.
– How it can be lonely to be a business owner.
– What the Startup Community has done better than the SME community.

You can find Morgan at:Linkedin


Show Notes:

3:00 Why did you get such good applause when you started it?

6:30 What is a mistake that you made early on in your business career?

8:55 Do you make sure you always pay professionals or do you sometimes fall in the trap of trying to do it yourself?

11:30 What was it like to start a business during Covid?

13:05 How did you decide to start a business?

15:30 When was the dream to start your own business conceived?

18:10 Why did you choose to be an Accountant?

23:10 What was a shock to you when you entered the workforce?

28:00 You had a particularly challenging first day. What happened?

35:30 What made you so passionate about financial literacy?

38:45 Why can becoming financially literate take so long?

46:55 What has the Startup Community done well?

56:55 What have you done to grow Creditte?

58:10 What are your future plans?

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