Interview With Mitch Hills

Jack Ferguson and Mitch Hills

Doubling Your Revenue, When Niching Goes Wrong, and How Forgiveness Grows Your Business, with Mitch Hills, Founder of Mastered Marketing

Today our guest is Mitch Hills, Founder of Mastered Marketing, a digital agency that helps socially conscious organisations to grow their revenue and awareness with proven marketing strategies.This isn’t Mitch’s first time on the podcast. He was interviewed about 5 years ago so if you want to hear a little bit more about his early story, please go back and listen to that episode in Season 1.But a lot changes in 5 years, and interestingly enough, Mitch wasn’t far off shutting down his Tech Company when we chatted last time, naturally, that is one of the things we discuss first in this episode.

We also chat about:

The good and bad of startup culture.
How niching can go wrong.
What to do when you are working in an industry with people who don’t align with your values.
The pivotal moment and story that pushed Mitch to leave this niche
Why he quit DJing.
What stress and a run of bad luck can do to someone. Mitch had a particularly hard 2020 and we discuss that at length.
What going on a health retreat can do for your body and your mind, and your business.
What forgiveness does for your growth.
Doubling his businesses revenue. We talk real numbers and discuss how he did it.
And plenty more.

This episode got very deep and explored a whole range of topics. We appreciate Mitch being so open about so many deeply personal experiences. Some of what we cover isn’t easy to talk about.

You can find Mitch at:Linkedin


Show Notes:

4:35 When did you stop running your Tech Company?

5:30 How did you decide to shut down your company?

10:45 What does Hard Work mean to you?

14:45 Did shutting down a company hit you hard?

18:05 How did you decide to get into the Real Estate niche?

26:20 How did you decide to move on from this Real Estate niche?

32:45 How did you decide to stop DJ’ing?

35:50 You had a really difficult time in your life around mid-2020. What happened?

44:00 What was it like to go on a health retreat?

51:15 What was your experience like with a success coach vs a therapist?

1:05:30 What was it like to work with your fiance?

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