Interview with Louise Flynn

Why Marketing Plans are Dead, Saas, Sass, and Building a Consulting Business with Louise Flynn, Co-Founder of Bright Canvas

Today’s guest is Louise Flynn, Co-Founder of BrightCanvas and Founder of Rulu.

In this episode, we cover how Louise built a consulting business and what roadblocks she came across while doing so. An established professional skilled in building Saas companies, she speaks about what she had to learn and who she had to become to build a consulting business.

It was very interesting to hear from Louise how she draws metaphors between basketball and business and how her basketball mind has helped her career.

Her love for Saas (software as a service) and the Sass in discussing her story make for a fascinating listen.

We talk about why marketing plans are dead, compete for who is the worst digital marketer in Brisbane out of the two of us, and talk technology businesses through and through.

I asked Louise onto the podcast because she is so open and knowledgeable, tells a great story, and is just good fun to be around. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

You can find Louise at:Linkedin

You can find Rulu at:


You can find Bright Canvas at:

Bright Canvas


Show Notes:

2:20 What is Bright Canvas?

5:15 Why do you say you are the worst Digital Marketer in Brisbane?

10:20 Why do you say that Marketing Plans are dead?

15:35 Where did your journey as a marketer begin?

24:20 When did you do your MBA?

25:50 What made you get into technology?

42:05 What is it like to start working at a high-growth company?

45:50 How did you enjoy working in a high-growth startup environment?

51:00 When did you become a consultant?

58:35 What was your first year like in consulting?

1:05:20 When do you miss having a job?

1:06:40 Can you talk about the moment when you realised you had to productise your business?

1:18:15 Why did you start another business?

Resources, and Companies Mentioned:


Nicole Sterling

Sterling Marketing

Peter Laurie


Jason Titman


Ryan Murtagh

Petra Zink

Dent Global

B2B School

Frozen Lemons

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