Interview With Jason Andrew

Jason Andrew

Building A Business As A Teenager, Firing Your Customers, And Becoming An Author, With Jason Andrew, Co-Founder of SBO Financial

Today’s guest is Jason Andrew, Co-Founder of SBO Financial, Author of Stark Naked Numbers, and a Director of the Arbor Group.

Like many others, Jason’s success hasn’t come easy and we explore his development all the way from starting a lawn mowing business when he was young, through to who he is today.In this episode we cover:

– Building a business when he was young
– His passion for business financial literacy and why it is so important
– How he sacrificed 3 years of his life when he was younger to further his career
– His journey of self-discovery through travel including a trip to North Korea.
– What it is like to be unhappy for periods of time while building your own business.
– What it is like to fire customers.
– Why he wrote his book ‘Stark Naked Numbers’ and what impact that has had on his business and life.
– And Much More.

Jason was a fantastic guest, was very transparent about his story and views, and was very generous with his expertise.

You can find Jason at:Linkedin

You can find SBO Financial at:

SBO Financial

You can find Stark Naked Numbers at:

Stark Naked Numbers


Show Notes:

3:00 What is the Arbor Group?

3:55 What takes up most of your time?

5:30 Did you write your book because you felt you had to?

9:40 What do you put the failure rate of small businesses down to?

13:15 Do you remember your first business interest?

18:30 Were you scared of selling when you started your first business?

28:10 Why did you move away from hospitality into Accounting?

37:00 When did you decide to become an Accountant?

42:15 What made you join a gym?

52:15 Tell us about your experience in North Korea.

102:30 What did you do after your trip overseas?

1:10:10 Do you remember what your first month in business was like?

1:16:30 How did you go about firing your customers?

1:19:30 Do you remember a moment when you questioned why you went into business?

1:26:10 When did you decide to start teaching financial literacy?

1:35:10 What has becoming an author meant for you?

1:40:30 What does the future hold for you?

1:43:45 What would you say to a business owner or entrepreneur starting out?

Resources, and Companies Mentioned:

Arbor Group

Stark Naked Numbers


Stokes Hill Wharf

Tony Robbins

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki

Warren Buffett

Nelson Bay

Rowan Grant


Tim Ferriss

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Naomi Simson

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