Interview with Jack Buscombe & Gauranga Magriplis

Interview with Jack Buscombe & Gauranga Magriplis

Jack Buscombe and Gauranga Magriplis

Navigating The Travel Industry During Covid, Chaotic Clients, And Creative Startup Tactics, With Jack Buscombe and Gauranga Magriplis of Airshare

Today’s guest’s are Gauranga Magriplis and Jack Buscombe, Co-Founders of Airshare.Airshare is a platform that sells flight experiences, particularly scenic flights, helicopter flights, and skydives.In this episode we compare and contrast the perspectives of cofounders hold while building the same company. Being in the travel industry during Covid makes for some interesting listening, and they have many entertaining stories about how they dealt with chaotic clients through their careers and while they were building Airshare.

We spoke about the challenges of getting your startup off the ground. It was fascinating to hear what it took to actually get Airshare growing. It can be very difficult to keep moving forward when nothing seems to be going right, particularly in the first few months of embarking on a new venture.

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Show Notes:

02:15 What is Airshare?

2:45 What impact did Covid have on you?

04:50 When did Airshare incorporate?

05:20 Were you a born entrepreneur or was it something you grew into?

06:40 How did you come up with the idea for Airshare?

07:40 What made you think that Airshare was needed?

08:40 What did the first 6 months look like?

12:20 How did you get your first customer?

17:35 What was your first job?

19:55 Can you talk through a time when you had a difficult client?

24:00 What are some difficult experiences you have had with Airshare?

32:00 What does your business model look like?

32:50 Why did paid ads all of a sudden start working for you?

34:45 When did you realise that Covid was really going to affect Airshare?

37:15 Does Airshare have a CEO?

39:45 What do you think is going to happen in the entrepreneurship sector over the next 5 eyars?

Resources, and Companies Mentioned:


University Of Queensland



Archerfield Airport

Griffith University


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