Interview With Gavin Tye

Gavin Tye

You’re Not Selling What You Think You Are, Outsmarting The Incumbents, And Sales Meetings Gone Wrong, with Gavin Tye, Founder of Sales Market Fit

This episode features Gavin Tye, Founder of Sales Market Fit and Sales Director of MyPass Global.

Gavin has spent time a ton of time working in sales, and this was what we talked about at length.

We talk about:

– How badly it can go wrong in a sales meeting.
– How to outsmart the incumbents when you have a smaller budget.
– Why you are not selling what you think you are.
– How empathy can be a salesperson’s best friend.
– Why a sale is not binary.
– Why you really have a demand problem, not a sales problem.
– Many funny incidents that have happened in Gavin’s life.

Most of the conversation centred around the last couple of years as Gavin has been on the podcast previously, and we discussed his early life there.

If you would like to go back and listen to that episode you can find it in Season 1.

But for now, we hope you enjoy this episode.

You can find Gavin at:Linkedin

You can find Sales Market Fit at:



Show Notes:

2:55 You decided to start a business, what are you doing?

3:35 What is Sales Market Fit?

13:05 What mistake do most people make when they are trying to sell?

19:10 Can you apply the same selling framework to a variety of companies?

20:45 Where did the phrase ‘Sales Market Fit’ come from?

29:00 What is an unpopular opinion that you hold?

33:20 What were you hoping to learn when you moved on from Red Eye?

37:45 Can you talk about a time when you had a sales meeting go wrong?

45:40 Have you got an experience in mind while working for a multinational that summed up your experience there?

54:35 Does wining and dining work in 2021?

57:10 Why did you choose the online course business model for your company?

1:07:00 Should different personality types approach sales differently?

1:08:35 What is your goal over the next year with Sales Market Fit?

Resources, People, and Companies Mentioned:

Ben Hallett

Vygo App

Wayne Gerard

Red Eye

Customer Acquisition Cost

My Pass Global

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