Interview With Ash Reddy

Ash Reddy and Jack Ferguson

Teaching 1 Million Kids How To Play Chess, and Achieving Success Against The Odds, with Chess Mates Founder Ash Reddy

This episode’s guest is Ash Reddy, Founder of Chess Mates.Ash has a great story. One in which he describes himself as someone who wasn’t meant for success due to the adversity he grew up in.

Founding the company 8 years ago, the growth has been anything but easy.

We talk about:

– How Ash got the business off the ground through cold calling.
– How he stayed under the radar of competitors for some time.
– Why his first business didn’t work out and what would he do differently in hindsight?
– How Covid affected Chess Mates and how he got through it.

A great entrepreneur who shares so much of his story.

You can find Ash at:Linkedin

Chess Mates Website:Website


Show Notes:

2:40 Why is chess so good for decision making?

5:00 How have you observed decision making in young people improve from chess?

12:00 What got you into business?

14:20 Do you remember the day you came up with the idea for Chess Mates?

19:45 How was your first year when growing the business?

26:45 What did you do when competitors started noticing you?

29:55 What was it like to lose some customers to your competitors?

34:50 What was some adversity that you faced in your younger years?

36:25 Why do you say that you weren’t meant for success?

38:50 When do you change your mind from survival mode to thriving?

48:10 How did your business degree help your business?

54:15 Can you talk through how you moved into the online space during Covid?

57:40 What are your future goals?

59:35 What would you say to your original self who started your business?

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