Interview with Holly Tattersall

Holly Tattersall on Women in Digital, Embracing Salesmanship, and the Diversity Catch 22.

This episode features Holly Tattersall, Founder of Women in Digital and Digital Talent Co.

In this episode we talk about how Holly built her Women in Digital network across multiple countries and wha role that plays in supporting women develop their professional careers.

We also speak about the challenges Holly faced when starting her recruiting career and dealing with the stigma that comes along with working in such a field.

Of particular interest is the journey Holly went on when realising it is ok to ‘sell’ and in fact embracing the importance of sales without shame.

Holly is full of optimism and was a great guest for the podcast.

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Show Notes:

03:50 What has your career looked like to date?

05:05 What were you like as a student?

14:25 Was there a point in time that you may not backed yourself like an equivalently skilled male?

15:45 How did you push through the stigma surrounding recruitment?

19:00 Why is there a need for Women in Digital?

20:35 Why is there a pay gap?

22:45 Do you think there is a biological component to why women and men get different results on average?

26:15 What does success look like for you?

28:45 Can you tell us about a time you had to push through?

34:35 Is your advice to women to focus on things that women can do in a way that only a woman can do it?

37:55 Is gender being taken off the table?

42:20 Where is Women In Digital situated around the world?

42:45 Any particularly challenging times when growing Women in Digital?

48:15 What is the diversity like in your team now?

53:10 What is your relationship like with self doubt?

55:25 What was it like to have parents that were very encouraging?

57:35 Are you able to take criticism?

Resources and Companies Mentioned:

University of Queensland


Mens Shed


The Four Hour Work Week

People Mentioned:

Matt Wallaert

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