Interview with Graeme Ferguson

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Graeme Ferguson on how stress nearly wrecked his career, why you shouldn’t give second chances and timeless principles learned from 40 years in the workforce.

This episode features Graeme Ferguson, my Grandpa who has spent 40 years in business.

In this episode we discuss the detrimental effects of stress and the devastating effects it can have on one’s life and work.

We also speak about challenges involved with hiring and firing employees over a career, Graeme reveals some interesting thoughts around how to approach this and why you shouldn’t give second chances.

We finish the episode with 20 minutes of timeless principles learned over a career that are just as relevant today as ever. They were pure gold and great to hear.

Show Notes:

07:10 What was the first job you had?

13:15 Why was it so important to get a qualification to further your career?

20:50 Did you feel like you weren’t appreciated at your first job?

23:45 When you went back to get your degree, did it contribute to your work?

26:10 When graduates come out of university was their decision making ability poor or non existent?

35:30 Was it expensive to go to university when you did?

36:55 Were you annoyed you had to go to university despite the fact that you had the required skills already?

43:20 Did you know you were stressed when you went to the doctor?

46:40 Were any of your colleagues as stressed as you?

50:00 Can you tell me how you approached firing people?

52:50 How do you know whether someone was good to hire or not?

54:20 Did you hire for attitude over skill?

56:35 What did you find different about government and private jobs?

1:00:30 What has led to a lack of care in society over time?

1:03:10 Did you have good politicians in your time?

1:05:00 What is your opinion of the current media landscape?

1:10:50 What were the timeless principles that you learned over your career?

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