Interview with Gerard Doyle

When the GFC hits, Logistical Nightmares, and when taking on a big industry goes wrong with Gerard Doyle.

In Australia we mention the GFC from time to time but most of us didn’t feel the full effects here.

Gerard Doyle on the other hand was in London running a company during that fateful time in 2007.

It’s quite incredible to here the carnage an external factor can have on one’s company and Gerard speaks at length about how that time was for him.

Another story we discuss is Gerard’s attempt to start a company and disrupt a large industry. Disruption is spoken about in Startup Land all the time, however what’s often not mentioned is what happens when these industries fight back.

Turns out the incumbents aren’t going to roll over easily, which Gerard found out first hand.

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Show Notes:

06:20 Have you always built similar types of companies?

06:30 Where did your career start?

08:25 Do you remember being able to run affiliate links on Google?

09:20 What cost per clicks were you getting when you first started?

09:50 What is your opinion of Multi Level Marketing?

13:10 Would you go to University to learn how to Market?

15:05 Can you tell us about your competitive swimming career?

16:30 Did your competitive swimming help discipline your business career?

24:50 Do you reflect on times that you had to walk away from a business?

26:25 Why is the last push before you step away from a business the hardest?

27:50 Were you in business during the GFC?

35:45 Do you remember the moment when you knew your business was under intense pressure?

43:55 Where do you sit with regards to IP and being generous with information?

53:25 What is another story of a particularly difficult time?

1:00:05 How long were you in the Interim CEO for?

1:03:15 Do you have an opinion on how businesses should use Group Buying sites?

1:11:05 What was your next career move after being Interim CEO?

1:18:05 When did Fractal begin?

1:29:35 When you speak to Founders, what do you typically ask them?

1:33:35 What type of differentiators do you look for when Marketing?

1:41:05 What is your relationship like with self doubt?

People Mentioned:

Kieran Perkins

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Multi Level Marketing

In Defense of Get Rich Quick Schemes

UQ University of Queensland

QUT Queensland University of Technology

Lead Galaxy

Westpac Reinventure

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General Motors

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