Interview with Gavin Tye

Gavin Tye

A Cold Calling Nightmare, Getting Promoted Before You’re Ready, and Business to Enterprise Selling with Gavin Tye.

Have you ever feared cold calling? What about door knocking?

The guest on this episode Gavin Tye talks us through some of his most challenging times having to cold call and door knock for work. As an introvert we discuss how he has come to overcome his selling fears and what the early days were like when he first begun.

Have you been given a promotion before you’re ready? Known someone else who has?

Gavin reflects on when he was given a promotion before he was ready and the pain that caused him professionally, and personally. A Fascinating story around knowing yourself and what you are ready to take on.

We also talk about a different type of selling seldom discussed. Business to Enterprise Selling. You’ve heard of B2B? Well this is B2E. Listen in for all the ways this is different.

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Show Notes:

04:15 Where did you grow up?

05:05 Where did you live in America?

12:20 What was your first job?

17:05 Did you find the job where you had to focus all day to have meditative effects?

21:20 How do you get the mindset where you feel are helping instead of selling?

26:15 Is pushy selling on the way out?

29:30 What is one of the first stories that comes to mind when you think about tough times during your career?

35:15 How do you approach a prospect for the first time?

51:05 When did you first consider yourself to be a problem solver?

53:40 What do you mean when you say your work/life balance is one in the same now?

57:10 What is the difference between B2B and B2E selling?

1:01:30 What is Redeye?

1:06:20 What is your relationship like with self doubt?

People Mentioned:

Wayne Gerard

Randall Makin

Resources, and Companies Mentioned:


FA Cup



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