Interview with Gail Creighton Davies

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Gail Creighton Davies on communication skills learned through adversity and growing up in Northern Ireland.

This episode features Gail Creighton Davies. Gail is Director of Rhapsodate Consulting, Co Director of Picnic and Co and Founder of the G8 Ladies.

In this episode we talk about the communication skills Gail picked up after having a daughter with Down Syndrome and how she was able to translate that communication to her professional life.

We talk about becoming a better listener and why that it is such a vital skill in this day and age.

We also discuss what it was like growing up in Northern Ireland, this was particularly insightful, hint: It’s not how most of us perceive it

You can find Gail at:

Rhapsodate Consulting

Gumption Trigger

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Show Notes:

02:45 Can you tell us about Rhapsodate Consulting?

03:35 Why do a lot of people struggle with project management?

04:35 What is the first thing you ask your potential clients?

05:40 Can you share with us a story of adversity you had to push through?

08:45 How did your career plans have to change after having a daughter with Down Syndrome?

13:00 How did your communication change?

16:10 How long did it take to train yourself to speak differently?

18:10 Did this experience help you to be a better listener?

23:10 Was it important to own your own business when you had your daughter?

24:20 Can you share another story of when you had to go through a challenging time?

27:40 What are the current job prospects like in Ireland?

29:00 Was the G8 Ladies named after the political forum?

33:40 What drives you to keep running these events for the G8 Ladies?

39:20 How did you start Picnic and Co?

43:25 How do you differentiate yourself in the catering space?

44:25 Why did you get involved in the Gumption Trigger?

47:15 Did you ever picture yourself being an author?

Resources and Companies Mentioned:

Gumption Trigger

People Mentioned:

Dr Catherine Ball

Barbara Warren

Madeline Albright

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