Interview with Fil Cristaldi

Fil Cristaldi

Fil Cristaldi on why you shouldn’t do what your clients ask, awkward on-stage experiences, and the struggle of managing your pipeline.

This episode features Fil Cristaldi; Director of Studio Culture.

In this episode we talk about Fil’s business and career challenges that have included learning to not always doing what his clients ask, and all the considerations that go into managing one’s pipeline.

We also speak about awkward on stage incidents he has had during his career as a Hip Hop dancer that built fortitude and resilience.

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Show Notes:

08:25 What is your main role within your company?

08:35 What got you into marketing?

09:35 How did your career start?

11:55 Did you learn anything unexpected from Retail?

16:15 What was your experience like as a Hip Hop Dancer?

20:05 The awkward experiences you had on stage, were you happy they happened?

21:50 What did you do when you came back to Australia?

22:20 How did you manage moving back in with your parents?

24:45 What is the hardest lesson you learned in your first couple of years in business?

26:35 Do you struggle to turn off?

27:25 How long did you Freelance for?

29:35 How did you transition from Freelancing to working with others?

34:10 What do you think Marketing will look like over the next couple of years?

39:55 Have you got a social life again now?

42:45 What is your relationship like with self doubt?

48:00 What is the tough things you have been through in your business?

53:25 Do you have behavioural characteristics you screen for with clients?

57:50 How did you go learning to manage people?

1:12:20 What is your thoughts on Traditional vs Digital Marketing?

1:14:50 What is your advice for someone with a small marketing budget?

People Mentioned:

Joe Fox

Elon Musk

Gary Vaynerchuk

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