Interview with Dr Glen Richards

Dr Glen Richards

Dr Glen Richards on Financial Adversity, Surviving within your own company and Entrepreneurial Seizures.

This episode features Dr Glen Richards. Glen is an investor on Shark Tank Australia, Non-Executive Director of Greencross Ltd and Non-Executive Director of 1300 Smiles.

In this episode we cover politics and Glen’s view on the current political climate, what it took to push through particularly hard financial times in the early days, how he survived as CEO in a company where his CFO wanted him fired, his work as an investor, avoiding entrepreneurial seizures and how he got on Shark Tank Australia.

Glen was one of the most humble people I have met and it was truly an enjoyable conversation.

He is particularly candid on how he ‘pushed’ through some very difficult times in his career.

My Favourite Quotes from the episode are:

“The epiphany I had as CEO was that I didn’t have to know everything and that caused almost an overnight change”

“Performance equals freedom”

“You have to have some self doubt so you ask yourself some questions which helps to derisk your business as you go forward”

You can find Glen at:

Shark Tank Australia

Glen’s Social Media Links:


Show Notes:

01:55 How do you have time for all the ventures you do?

03:10 Did you picture being where you are now at a young age?

05:50 Can you tell us about how you considered getting into politics?

13:25 Can you tell us about when you had to push through a particularly hard time?

24:05 When your CFO was calling the board to encouraging them to sack you, did you know at the time?

25:20 What was it like when you found out that your CFO wanted you fired?

28:30 What skills did you feel that you needed to pick up when you were under pressure as CEO?

40:50 How did you get into investing?

43:20 How did you cope with giving up control of your company?

44:45 Have you enjoyed investing?

45:55 What are you enjoying seeing in up and coming entrepreneurs and what are you not enjoying seeing?

47:25 How well do you think Australia is doing as a society to send the right message to potential entrepreneurs and business owners?

59:45 Do you have any challenges with self doubt still?

1:01:45 How did you end up on Shark Tank?

1:04:40 How has life changed since Shark Tank?

Resources and Companies Mentioned:

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1300 Smiles


Shark Tank Australia

Regeneus Ltd

Smart Vet Pty Ltd

Montserrat Day Hospitals

My Foot Dr

Rhino Hide Pty Ltd

People Mentioned:

Steve Baxter

John McGrath

Derryn Hinch

Pauline Hanson

Tony Abbott

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