Interview with Dr Emily Vertege

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Discontinuing a Tech Startup, The Solopreneur Life, and deciding not to do medicine with Dr Emily Vertege.

It’s a tough gig building a Tech Startup from scratch, going Global from Day 1 has a Myriad of complexities; like dealing with currency, culture, and logistics from all over the world.

In this episode we are fortunate to hear Dr Emily Verstege’s story about her experience growing a Tech Startup, the intensity, the journey from start to finish, and why she decided to shut it down.

A skilled business diagnostician, Emily shares how she started out her life wanting to be a Medical Doctor, what turned her away from that career path, and why she has now come full circle, but instead of diagnosing patients, now diagnoses business problems.

This episode is full of the challenges Emily has faced on her entrepreneurial journey.

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Show Notes:

05:45 Do you have a process to getting the answer you need out of someone?

09:45 How did you start your career?

13:55 After you decided not to do medicine, what did the 2 months following your decision not to pursue that look like?

15:15 At what age did you want to become a doctor?

19:00 Did you develop critical analysis skills or were you born with them?

19:55 What is a policy analyst?

21:45 What did you assume business would be like before you started?

26:10 Do you dislike being called bossy?

27:40 Let’s talk about some of the tough times you have been through in your career.

36:15 When did you begin your Tech Startup?

38:45 What happened in the first few weeks/months of working in a Startup that surprised you?

43:00 How long were you involved in your Tech Startup for?

44:10 What made you want to shut down the business?

45:45 What was it like having to tell the developers you were wrapping it up?

46:20 How were you able to talk to the Tech team?

49:05 Over the 18 months you were running your Tech Startup, was there any time off work?

54:15 What do clients come to you for now?

55:40 What do people get wrong when it comes to customer experience?

58:15 How can businesses tap into the needs of their customers?

1:00:15 What’s your relationship like with self doubt?



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Autism Spectrum Disorder

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