Interview with Dr Catherine Ball

Dr Catherine Ball on the future of Drones, Innovation Fusion and turning down Q and A.

This episode features Dr Catherine Ball, CEO of Remote Research Ranges and Managing Director of Elemental Strategy.

In this interview we explore Catherine’s vast expertise into the world of Drones, how she juggles numerous projects at once and why she turned down ABC’s Q & A amongst other topics.

Catherine’s current passion project involves a crowd funding campaign for the Future Hear Project. This project is doing amazing work to help make 3D printing of bodily tissue and organs a reality. Specifically, the goals of this project are to create child-specific, ear prosthetics which cost less than a pair of glasses, to create tissue engineered ears which are permanently implanted into the child with full biological function and thirdly, to address hearing functionality and to develop 3D printed electronics to incorporate a hearing component to their 3D printed, life like, child specific ears.

To support the campaign, please Click Here and help bring this incredible project to life.

You can find Catherine at:

Elemental Strategy

Tedx Talk

Dr Cath Ball Podcast

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Show Notes:

05:50 What got you into Environmental Protection?

11:45 When did you know you wanted to start a business?

14:50 How do you prioritise your time with so many projects in play at once?

17:50 How did you start sharing the burden of running businesses through partnerships?

21:20 Why don’t you like the word ‘Drones’?

23:25 What environmental work do you do with Drones?

29:30 Are Drones going to be widely available to the public soon?

33:20 What will consumers be using Drones for shortly?

35:30 How did you come up with the term Innovation Fusion?

37:50 Please explain the Hear and Say campaign to us?

40:05 Diversity in Innovation

44:30 The difference between 2 Dimensional and Learned Diversity

47:05 What is the Gumption Trigger?

53:05 Was it therapeutic to write such a vulnerable book?

55:30 Do you have challenges with self doubt?

58:00 How did you raise $18k for the Gumption Trigger for a Crowd Funding campaign?

62:30 How do you separate the tyre kickers from those worthy of your time?

People Mentioned:

Catherine Hamlen

Doddie Weir

Virginia Trioli

Gillian Triggs

Nick Woodman

Dr Mia Woodruff

Dimity Dornan

Michael Knight

Resource Links:


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Phantom Drone

3dr Solos

New Zealand Drone crashes into side of Skyscraper

Drone narrowly misses Downhill Skier

Nixie Drone

Lily Drone

Hear and Say Campaign

Hear and Say Crowd Funding Campaign

Hear and Say Twitter

Gumption Trigger

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