Interview with Demetrio Zema

When Relying on Others Goes Wrong, Questioning Whether You Are On The Right Career Trajectory, And The Importance of Strong Hires with Demetrio Zema.

Trusting other human beings to treat your business with the same care and passion that you would is tough. Finding them is tougher.

On this episode I talk to Demetrio Zema, founder of Law Squared about some of his past business’s, and how relying on other people to do what you assume they will can have devastating consequences.

We also talk about Demetrio’s approach to hiring so that he ensures he gets the right employees on board, what he looks for in interviews, the non traditional questions he asks, and why.

What about if you start a career but in your gut know it’s not really for you after a few short months? Demetrio talks about how his passion didn’t lie with Law and how he navigated away from a model he didn’t believe in.

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Show Notes:

01:10 How has your business journey looked to date?

01:45 What was your first business?

04:05 What was the toughest times you have been through in your career?

09:25 What did the conversation look like when you had to shut down your company?

11:20 What is your approach to recruiting after your past business experiences?

14:10 When did you start working as a lawyer?

16:15 How long after you started working as a lawyer did you realise it wasn’t for you?

20:15 Talk to us about your 4th business.

24:00 Were you hesitant to start Law Squared after having so many businesses beforehand?

31:35 As a sole founder, do you have ways to manage all that responsibility?

32:35 Are you happy you chose to be a sole founder?

33:55 What is your relationship like with self doubt?

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Breaking The Time Barrier

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