Interview with David Kaity

David Kaity

David Kaity on using psychographics to profile your customers, writing a book to educate the market, and why you don’t need a Real Estate agent to sell your house.

In this episode we talk to David Kaity about his controversial ‘Real Estate Agents Don’t Sell Homes’ book and his journey from employee in the Finance Industry to Entrepreneur.

We speak about the challenges David faced when trying to find his initial customers and how that took 2 years before he was able to define his ideal customers.

Also mentioned is some of the myths prevalant in the Real Estate Industry which David busts for us; one by one.

A great positive guest and a controversial, yet fun episode.

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Show Notes:

04:30 What was your first job out of school?

07:25 When did you feel like you were an entrepreneur?

09:05 Do you think a lot of people lack personal finance skills?

12:45 How many cars a year do you sell?

13:45 You worked in finance for 10 years, then what?

15:05 What are the mistakes you made?

17:25 Tell me about the moment that Revolutionary Real Estate came about.

21:15 What’s the difference between selling a house the traditional way vs your way?

21:55 What are some of the challenges you had when you first launched?

22:30 At what point did you think to yourself, I don’t know who I’m selling to?

25:50 How were you finding your customers in the beginning?

27:25 Were you doing any outreach in the beginning?

29:25 What are some other challenges you guys have been through?

33:50 Would you sell your book?

35:55 What are some of the Real Estate myths you talk about in your book?

43:55 Are auctions valuable for sellers?

48:25 What is your relationship like with self doubt?

49:45 Do you have a way to turn off and forget about the business?

55:05 For someone struggling in business, do you have a view on when someone should stick it our or quit?

Resources and Companies Mentioned:

Freakonomics Video

People Mentioned:

Steven Levitt

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