Interview with Chris Macaulay

chris macaulay

Chris Macaulay on how the Lean Startup Failed him, the pain of multiple pivots and the art of Enterprise Sales.

This episode features Chris Macaulay, CEO of Advvy and Organiser of Silicon Beach Brisbane.

In this episode we talk about many challenging topics including how the Lean Startup Approach to growing a Startup failed Chris and his team and what it’s like to have to pivot multiple times after months of development to achieve product-market fit.

Chris talks about other tough times including how he had to make good employees redundant and the 9 month challenge of finding a CTO (Chief Technical Officer).

Chris’ approach is quite candid and easy to listen to, he was very generous with his insights and gives us a real look under the hood of what it’s like to run a high growth tech startup.

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Email: [email protected]


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Show Notes:

02:45 Where are you currently at in your career?

03:55 Where did you start your career?

06:10 Why did you start the networking event?

06:55 Why did you decide to pursue Tech?

08:10 What did you do at Uni?

09:10 What is Advvy?

12:40 Can you detail your particularly challenging times?

31:30 How did the Lean Startup methodology fail you?

33:30 Did you consider changing your market to be able to apply lean startup principles?

39:55 How do you get in touch with a decision maker at Enterprise level?

47:30 Why the entrepreneur life?

50:40 How do you manage people?

52:10 What is the role of a CEO in a Tech Startup in a day to day context?

53:55 Were you born a leader?

Resources and Companies Mentioned:


Brisbane Silicon Beach


River City Labs

The Social Network Movie

Nova Radio

Cloud Sherpas

Eagle Boys

Lean Startup

People Mentioned:

Steve Baxter

Tristan Ozinga

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