Interview with Chad Renando

Chad Renando

Bouncing back from Bankruptcy, the Imposter Syndrome, and the struggle of maintaining culture as your company grows with Chad Renando.

Bankruptcy. It’s a scary word. What is it like to experience filing? What the weeks and months building up to the inevitable like?

On this episode we discuss this very experience amongst many others including the challenges associated with the Imposter Syndrome, that felling that you aren’t enough, that voice in our heads that pops up from time to time and self sabotages.

What about the challenge to maintain culture as your company grows and takes on more and more employees? We discuss what Chad would have done differently had he had his time again.

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Show Notes:

04:00 Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

04:40 How did your career start?

07:00 What did your experience in the navy teach you?

10:05 What is leadership to you?

11:55 Tell us about your first company.

15:00 When did the company start struggling?

16:20 When you were going from 80 employees to 40 employees, what was your state of mind like?

18:50 Why do we start companies?

19:45 What was it like to have the conversations with your team around declaring bankruptcy?

21:35 What was your first step after the company went under?

23:20 What did you do to improve your project management skills after a rocky start?

25:05 How do you process feedback?

30:30 What would you do to protect the culture of your company if you had your time again?

32:35 What happens if someone is putting forward silly ideas all the time?

35:45 What got you involved with Startups in the first place?

37:35 Locally (In Queensland), how is the Startup Ecosystem doing?

42:50 How do you measure the size of an innovation ecosystem?

44:50 How important is it to have successful entrepreneurs involved in the ecosystem?

46:05 Can you talk to us about the Imposter Syndrome?

48:15 Have you always had Imposter Syndrome?

50:25 Do you have some theories on how entrepreneurship will lift people out of Poverty?


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