Recent episodes

A near death experience, manifesting your own redundancy, and a year of no buying with Rachel Smith
Selling your house to bet it all on a Startup, earning no revenue for 6 months, and lessons learned from 2 deployments in the army with Tim Walmsley
Closing Down 2 Tech Companies, Challenges Hiring Agencies, And The Benefits Of A Distributed Team With Holly Cardew
A Cold Calling Nightmare, Getting Promoted Before You're Ready, and Business to Enterprise Selling with Gavin Tye
When your world falls apart, the pain of losing clients, and the art of leadership with Sonia McDonald
A Challenging Experience on Stage, How Facing Your Fears Is Overrated, And How Enmeshment can affect your career with Jack Ferguson
When the GFC hits, Logistical Nightmares, and when taking on a big industry goes wrong with Gerard Doyle
Teaching Entrepreneurship to Children, Juggling 3 Major Roles, and when Public Speaking Goes Wrong with Sharon Hunneybell
When Relying on Others Goes Wrong, Questioning Whether You Are On The Right Career Trajectory, And The Importance of Strong Hires with Demetrio Zema
Bouncing back from Bankruptcy, the Imposter Syndrome, and the struggle of maintaining culture as your company grows with Chad Renando
Discontinuing a Tech Startup, The Solopreneur Life, and deciding not to do medicine with Dr Emily Vertege
Fil Cristaldi on why you shouldn't do what your clients ask, awkward on-stage experiences, and the struggle of managing your pipeline.
Matt Tomlins on why he isn't seeking a mentor, why he doesn't rely on anyone else, and what it's like to try to have someone try and kick you out of your own company.
Paul Bennetts on making Superannuation interesting, why Ideas are underrated, and how he partnered with High Profile Investors.
Justin Falk on Starting a Business in an Industry you haven't worked in, Micro KPI's, and rebelling against society's expectations.
Philip Sheen on Mental Health in Business, the Evolution of the Music Industry, and the Art of Storytelling
Toby Jenkins on Negative Visualisation, Seeking Discomfort in Partnerships, and his experience as an Olympian
Mark Hocknell on Customer Centricity, Net Promoter Scores and Managing Your Team.
David Kaity on using psychographics to profile your customers, writing a book to educate the market, and why you don't need a Real Estate agent to sell your house.
Rhonice Ferguson on what school is for, why strikes are often unproductive, and the importance of encouraging men to become teachers.
Graeme Ferguson on how stress nearly wrecked his career, why you shouldn't give second chances and timeless principles learned from 40 years in the workforce.
Holly Tattersall on Women in Digital, Embracing Salesmanship, and the Diversity Catch 22
Matthew Kelly on the difficulties of building a company when you‘re not a salesman, firing a rockstar employee, and the importance of iterative marketing.
Nicholas Heaney on the dangers of outsourcing Tech, dealing with social stigmas and the rollercoaster of raising capital.
Chris Macaulay on how the Lean Startup Failed him, the pain of multiple pivots and the art of Enterprise Sales.
Gail Creighton Davies on communication skills learned through adversity and growing up in Northern Ireland
Dr Glen Richards on Financial Adversity, Surviving within your own company and Entrepreneurial Seizures.
Steve Baxter on Shark Tank, The NBN and the state of Entrepreneurship
Joe Fox on Marketing Ad Spends, Branding and Managing Stress
Paul Davies on B2B Sales Tactics
Dr Catherine Ball on the future of Drones, Innovation Fusion and turning down Q and A
Mitch Hills on Starting a Business at 16, Building an App without investment and knowing when to quit
Tanya Williams on Tradigital Marketing, conquering Self Doubt and the role your Digital Footprint plays in your Career
Tres West on Lean Startup, Chasing Investment and how the Startup Ecosystem Operates
Nathan Hoad on Coding, Internal Communication and Productivity